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Adopting A Rescue Dog? 3 Reasons to Start Their New Life With A Visit To A Dog Groomer

If you're going to adopt a rescue pet, you're saving a life, especially if you're adopting from a shelter. In most cases, rescue dogs need lots of extra tender loving care, especially in the first few days following their adoption. This is the time when your rescue dog will be adjusting to its new surroundings. If you want to help your dog adjust, one of the first things you should do is schedule an appointment with a pet groomer. Here are just four of the reasons your rescue dog should be pampered by a pet groomer.

Start Their New Life With a Clean Coat

If you're going to adopt a rescue dog, it might have been a while since they were bathed. Even if they had a bath when they were brought into the shelter, chances are good that it wasn't a thorough grooming. Before you bring your new pet home to the family, visit a local pet groomer. A thorough bath will remove any dirt and grime that might be stuck to your pet's coat. It will also remove fleas before they can be carried into your home. Best of all, your pet will smell fresh and clean. 

Identify Potential Skin and Coat Problems

If you plan to adopt a rescue dog, and they were brought to the shelter as a stray, there's a good chance that they have skin and coat problems. Mange is one common skin problem associated with strays, but there are others to be concerned about. That's why you need to take your rescue dog to a local pet groomer. While the groomer is bathing your dog, they'll be able to identify any skin and coat problems that need to be addressed. 

Get Your Pet Used to Grooming Practices

If your dog is being rescued from an animal shelter, they might have never been to a groomer. If that's the case, they might need some help getting accustomed to being groomed on a regular basis. The best way to get your dog used to being groomed is to start with a professional groomer. The groomer will help your pet relax while being groomed.

Give your rescue dog a fresh start to a new life. Now that you're ready to adopt a rescue dog, schedule their first appointment with a groomer for dog grooming to clean them up and help them transition to their new life in your home.