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3 Preparation Tips Before You Have Your Puppy Litter Vaccinated

If you're the proud parent of a litter of puppies, then you get multiple bundles of joy. Your puppies aren't just a source of fun, and as their new human parent, you have some responsibilities here too. For example, you need to start your animals on a vaccination schedule and organise a health check for them all. Getting one dog to the vet can be a chore; handling a littler of puppies can be more complicated. These preparation tips should help.

1. Book a Multiple Appointment

If you don't tell the receptionist that you have multiple puppies to vaccinate, then you'll get an appointment based on one animal. This first appointment usually involves any vaccinations and an initial health check. To ensure that all your puppies have the time to get their shots and the check they need, make sure to tell the receptionist how many animals you're bringing in. They can then allocate enough time for all of your litter to see the vet and get the right treatment.

2. Ask About Litter Discounts

Vets often offer discounts for litter vaccinations and health checks. So, for example, you might pay a basic flat fee with a reduced vaccination charge for each dog. This is obviously cheaper than paying full price for each puppy's consultation. However, it's not the only way you can save money. Ask the receptionist if you can bundle the vaccination appointment with other services like microchipping. Your vet may reduce their charges even more if you have more things done at this initial appointment.

3. Organise Enough Carriers

Wrangling loose puppies in your vet's clinic isn't something you want to do. In addition to the fact that it's a hassle, you don't want your unvaccinated pets to come into contact with other animals. Other patients who are in the waiting room might be sick, so you need to restrict contact. You also want to keep your puppies off floors and other surfaces that sick animals might have contaminated. So ideally, you should corral your dogs into one or more pet carriers. This keeps them in one place and away from other animals and their germs. It also gives you a better chance of dealing with the appointment on your own. You can take one puppy out at a time and keep the rest in the carriers.

To find out more about your vet's puppy litter vaccination service, contact your clinic and ask for advice.