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Grooming an Obese Dog

Nobody wants to listen to their children being criticised. Whether they're your actual children or children of the furry, four-legged variety, it's easy to become defensive. And yet, there's such a thing as constructive criticism. Whether it's said bluntly or tactfully, when your vet tells you that your dog is obese, it should certainly be taken as constructive criticism. You'll take the necessary recommended steps to help your dog lose a few kilos, whether that's extra exercise, a change (or reduction) in diet, banning snacks between meals, or more likely, all of the above. Will your dog miss out on anything simply because they're overweight? For example, does being overweight make pet grooming impossible for your pooch?

Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes

Dog groomers are used to dealing with clients of all shapes and sizes, whether they be chihuahuas or Great Danes, so it's not as though they're unable to handle a larger dog, even if the size of the dog is due to excessive weight rather than simply their breed. So while your dog can still be professionally groomed, their weight will obviously need to be taken into consideration.

Bathing a Heavy Dog

It can be difficult to lift an obese dog, so it's not as though your dog can comfortably be picked up and placed in a tub to be washed without the risk of back injury. Many groomers offer tubs for larger dogs that have a hinged, watertight door. This allows the dog to just step into the tub to be washed. 

Joint Pain, Excess Skin Folds

If you have noticed any additional physical issues that have arisen as a result of your dog's weight gain, you need to point these out to your groomer. Your dog might be experiencing discomfort in their joints due to their excessive weight, which will require extra careful handling during the grooming process. If your dog's weight loss is already well underway, they might have excess skin folds where the skin has not yet regained its elasticity. This type of skin can be somewhat complicated to wash and groom, so you need to point it out to your groomer. 

Your dog doesn't need to miss out on professional grooming just because they're carrying a few extra kilos, and your groomer is actually well-placed to chart your dog's weight loss progress with each visit.

For more information on pet grooming, contact a groomer.