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Follow These Tips to Walk Your Dogs Safely in the Summer Heat

Letting your dogs go on walks is very important for proper exercise and to let them go potty outside, but it can be hard to do in the summer heat. Pavement and concrete heats up fast when it is hot outside, which can burn the pads of their paws. Here are some tips for walking your dogs safely in the summertime. 

Carry Your Dog to Grass

When the pavement is too hot for your dog to walk on, you might want to simply pick it up and carry it to grass. This is good when you live in an apartment and the grassy area isn't right in your backyard. While a dog should get good exercise, it is not worth harming their paws just so they will walk on the hot pavement. When your dog needs to go out for potty, pick it up and walk it over to grass. Grass tends to stay cooler than the hot ground, even on a hot summer day, so it should find some relief there. However, if you only have dirt around, you may need to drive somewhere that has grass since dirt also gets very hot.

Walk Your Dog During the Right Times of the Day

It also helps to choose what times of the day you take your dog out for a walk. Avoid the hottest part of the day, which is usually in the middle of the day and the early afternoon. This is when the sun is at its highest, causing it to heat up the pavement very quickly. Instead, try to keep the walks to the morning and evening, just after the sun comes up and after the sun has gone down. It can take time for the ground to cool off, so try standing on it barefoot to test it out. If you find it unbearable, your dog will too, so you need to wait a while longer for it to cool off.

Protect the Dogs Paws

There will be times when you need to have your dog walk on the sidewalk or pavement, but you should still protect its paws. For example, if your dog is too large and heavy to pick up and carry to grass, it will need to walk on its own over the hot ground. To protect its paws, you can get little booties that will protect those pads from burning. These are also good to use when your dog is walking on extra cold ground with snow or ice, as that can also be painful for their sensitive pads.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

In the summer, it is important that your dog remain hydrated. If you are taking it for a long walk or to the dog park, make sure you bring water with you. Keep that water cool by putting it in a stainless steel bottle until you pour it into a bowl for your dog.